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Welcome to  Eric's Guitar & PA Website . Located in Petersham in Sydney's Inner West.  Anything new or exciting or just general news will be on the home page. Gear can be purchased in the Online Shop pages,  Guitar Services  are on the AboutServices Pages. Buy with confidence using Paypal or Paypal Checkout for Credit Cards (you don't need a Paypal Account). Alternatively you can shop in my eBay store. Showroom: 02 9569 9455 Mob: 0414 356 083   You are welcome to view any item from the online stores in my showroom - Please call to make an appointment

All shipping prices quoted are for Australia only. Email me if you are outside of Australia.


Peavey MiniMega Ultra Compact Bass Amp

Delivering classic Peavey tone, the MiniMEGA features 1,000 Watts of power and produces incredibly full and rich sound in a compact package that weighs in at only 4kgs. Additional modern features such as built-in compression and a 4-band EQ with semi-parametric mids. MiniMEGA is the go-to amplifier for bassists of every style.

Celestion G12-35XC 8 Ohm 12" 35 W Guitar Speaker
Limited Issue of a speaker that captures the tones of a legendary era.

Great value as well at a discounted price. Only available until stocks run out. $139.00

EB 1 x 12" British style Guitar Cab unloaded.

Extra wide front edge and piping give these cabs "The British" look.

Ideal with any of the EB Custom or Guv'nor 15 or 25 watt heads where you want British sound and style in a smaller package.

There is now the option of having a convertable back on any of the speaker cabs.

I have arrived at a design that is practical and economical to build.

EB Pubrocker45 guitar amplifier head. You asked for it so here it is.

45 watts of vintage British rock tone.

With beefed up transformers and power supply. Same Pubrocker grunt but louder with more head room.

EB Fullerton 3512 35 Watt 1 X 12" Guitar Combo.

Early "Bassman" style circuit with bright and dark channels, treble, middle and bass tone stack, master volume and presence controls. 50s retro styling. Eminence Red, White and Blues speaker or Jensen C12K.

Get cranked "Twin" tones at usable volume.

With a larger cone delivering an extended low end response, the 100-watt Fullback has a big, deep voice, delivering smooth and expressive tones seemingly without effort.

While retaining our classic, harmonically complex and finely detailed mid-range, the larger 15" cone of the Fullback shifts this characteristic down a register. Clean sounds are warm and expressive, revealing and enhancing the qualities of your amp and guitar without unnecessary colouration. Overdrive sounds are complex and musical; push harder for a weighty, contralto growl, with a softer, warmer mid-range.

Incorporating an eight hole chassis, the Fullback is the ideal choice whether you’re looking for the perfect upgrade for your 15" combo, or you’re looking for an interesting tonal alternative to a 12" speaker.


EB Pubrocker 2512 25w 12" Guitar Combo Amp Jensen Night Hawk speaker.

Based on early British Blues amps The Pubrocker 2512 has an amazing range of tones for the simple controls it has. The Night Hawk is an amazing new speaker from Jensen with a 1.75" voice coil and a great edgy rock tone.

Available with a Celestion Gold or the new Celestion 90 watt Cream for an extra $200.00

EB Sunbury 1512 15 Watt 12" Eminence Spk Combo Amp.

The largest of the Sunbury range this hand made all valve combo is as loud as!

Using a 101 dB sensitivity 12" eminence speaker the combo turns the 15 watts into a totally usable amp for country and blues gigs. Never struggle for the right sound again utilizing the simple but extremely effective set of controls of the Sunbury 1512.

Classic vintage styling makes this amp look as good as it sounds.

EB Sunbury 1510 15 Watt 10" Eminence Spk Combo Guitar Amp.

Need a small combo amp that can cut it at small gigs and quiet rehearsals have a go on a Sunbury 1510.

Fifteen watts of all valve hand made guitar amp with an amazing range of sounds from clean to filth.

Great for harmonica too.

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